Skill of Attraction was created as a way to teach men how to become attractive to women and to improve their dating “game” and romantic relationships; as opposed to sleazy pick-up tactics and game playing & manipulation. One can use all the tricks and one-liners in the book, but if you’re not on top of both your inner and outer game women will see right through it. My intention is to explain common problems in relationships for men, why they happen and what you can do about it to ‘flip the script’, so to speak. It’s time to learn and implement what makes a man attractive to quality women so you can say goodbye to all the anxiety, frustration and uncertainty and start being the confident man women crave.

Erik Peterson founded Skill of Attraction after far too many failed relationships, and realizing that all his relationships ended in the same way and usually for the same reasons, he set out to find answers. He began to feverishly study and learn from the masters and applied their teachings to his own life; not just to his dating/relationship life, but to his everyday life in general and miraculous changes began to take place for the better. Soon his family and friends began to come to him for advice in their relationships and were shocked when his advice worked positively. Not long afterwards, he quickly reached “Expert” level on popular relationship forums helping mostly anonymous users repair their life and/or relationships.

In July 2016 he took all the information and lessons he had learned from the masters and his own dating/relationship life and began sharing it with the public and started one-on-one private coaching to help other men that are at a place where Erik once was.

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